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Energy Readings * Intuitive Healing *
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with Barbara Hall

Energy, Intuition & You

Intuition and creativity are closely linked tools for transformation, healing and living a joyful, successful, fulfilled life.  As a:

  • medical intuitive
  • spiritual teacher
  • visionary artist
  • guidance coach . . .

. . . Barbara Hall offers energy readings and intuitive healing sessions in collaboration with you for clarification, healing, deepening insight, wisdom, and transformation in your life.

“I honor the divine brilliance that is you. Through that essential center I clairvoyantly read your energetic body and spirit, answering your questions about goals, relationships, health, and financial success. As an artist, teacher, and psychotherapist, I bring the qualities of creativity, encouragement, and discovery to my energy readings. Blocks and limiting factors are worked with energetically, opening the doors to your vitality, success, and the love and happiness that is your birthright.”

Sacred Art, Beauty, & Creativity

HOME---sacred-artArt becomes sacred through the act of creating while listening to and expressing the inner messages of heart and spirit. This process can be very emotionally and spiritually enlightening.  Viewing art created in this way brings the same gifts.  The art celebrated here is often painting and poetry, but music, poetry, dance, writing, gardening, nature wandering . . no limits!  I invite you to enjoy sacred walking through the celebration of art and beauty with me.