One Thing at a Time ~ Mindful Monday

Red Lotus MandalaToday we each have one precious day to live, experience, enjoy. Sometimes, especially at this time of year, I can feel bogged down by the To Do List. I can forget that it is ‘I’ who inhabits this body, this day, this life. Or, conversely, faced with a day expanding out before me, I can find a dizzying array of things which tantalize me and beckon me to do, and I can swirl around, doing a little of this, and a little of that, and yet not find the satisfaction and joy I really seek.

When I do an energy reading, I first have to make sure that I am well centered, grounded and focused, to tune fully, 100% into my intuition. When I do readings for others, I often find that scattered, unfocused energy is present, leading to less connection to their own internal wisdom, satisfaction and happiness.

To break free of this kind of unmindful busy-ness, today I challenge myself and you to try this:

In each and every activity today, do One * Thing * At * A * Time.  That’s right, no multi-tasking, at which we women, especially, are so good at.  So if you’re eating, no watching TV at the same time; if you’re reading the news online, no pulling up another window at the same time, if you’re folding laundry, no talking to your friend on the phone at the same time.  Focus and give your undivided attention to each activity and task at hand.  Notice how this goes. Start this morning, start now.

And then write about it for a few moments later in the day:  Reflect ~ How difficult or easy is it?  What do you miss out on when you multi-task?  What do you gain when you practice doing one thing at a time?  I’ll be checking in later with my own experience, and would love to hear your experiences or thoughts.

Wishes for a mindful, joy-filled Monday,

~ Gratitude and blessings,  Barbara


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Mindful Monday

 “I embrace emerging experience; I participate in discovery.  I am a butterfly. I am not a butterfly collector. I want the experience of the butterfly.”  ~ William Staffor

I went to bed last night fully intending a bright and early Monday, filled with Getting Things Done as well as well as a gorgeous hunk of time for Painting in My Studio.  Then the real Monday came ~ the challenge of Monday is a challenge for mindfulness ~ the need to shift completely from the weekend, and for right now, from the Christmas holiday, and into today in its entirety, all by itself.  So today’s reminder to myself, and you, is to simply fall into the experience of each 15 minute segment of this morning, moving into 30 minute to 1 hour segments for the rest of the day.  Fully embrace breakfast, no matter what it is:  for me, the fresh and nutritious mix of ingredients in my blender drink, the way the oatmeal mixes with milk and walnuts and satisfies, the way my latte (or tea) brightens my mood and my brain.  Then, taking time to notice the nature of the light outside ~ a cool, winter sun ~ and making a plan for the next 15 minutes of what I want to do.  And to keep doing this; that is mindfulness.

Set an intention to be the butterfly today ~ experience, breath in each moment, breathe out. I will see what butterfly moments emerge for me to today, no matter what I am doing.  I hope your butterfly moments abound.

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Wild Wednesday

wolf and dolphin

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Autumn Wanderings

Fall on ranch

Right here, right now
fall foliage turned golden, yellow, brown, pink,
fiery red
the road I live on is enough for my weekend wanderings
an abundance of riches from mother nature’s palette,
a soft breeze which rustles the leaves
whispers impermanence and change
a Buddhist mantra right here in the wind
the foreshadowing of endings
but now, today, winter seems miles away
a memory, maybe, from last year,
but not now, not yet
the sun warm, the breeze cool
and the night downright cold
with the amber, slightly melancholy, light of day,
sun now riding lower in the sky,
I snuggle into the fall of my days
grateful for the daily display
mostly not thinking about winter
my winter, my autumn of changing colors
and then dying away
dust to dust
leaves to rich loam,
and then to new life,
but . . after winter,
not before, because
I am right here,
right now.
         ~ bh
             (Dedicated to Hidi)


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Joy for Today

Bailando en Verana

Bailando en Verana


is the royal garment

And now everyday I could wear

That regal


but I so love the common man

And feel for all

Their labor

I often paint a vast drop

Of compassion




~ Hafiz

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